Episode 7

Published on:

13th Oct 2022

The Transmitting Domain: More Than Just "Sexual"

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram Podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore talk about the transmitting domain. Mario explains the meaning behind the name. The hosts discuss how this domain can help and/or hinder as well as common misconceptions. They break down the three subdomains: broadcasting/narrowcasting, asserting and impressing.

“I always think of the transmitting domain as a cluster of behaviors focused on bringing something into the world.” - Mario Sikora [09:44]

“There’s also the additional layer of culture. The stories that you come up with have to do with culture as well. Like in the states, if you are more transmitting and you have a flashier car or clothes, it’s fine. Nobody will ask you about it, and you will not probably have a hard time saying that you just like it. Here in Chile, it’s a more navigating culture. And if you’re asked about a red car or flashy clothes, you will start explaining yourself, giving excuses on why this is not what you usually do or that it was a special occasion. You will feel more conflicted, even if you’re transmitting.” - María José Munita [25:39]

“Just because someone is a talker or is not a talker, does not make them a transmitter. For those that are maybe not super extroverted or desire to talk to a bunch of people, maybe it’s not so much that they aren’t a transmitter, but more that you just haven’t hit the subject that they really love transmitting about.” - Seth "Creek" Creekmore [54:44]


[00:00] Intro

[00:21] A disclaimer

[01:25] Defining transmitting

[02:45] How transmitting helps and hinders

[08:32] A feeling of stimulation and creativity

[12:03] Why its named transmitting

[15:58] Misconceptions

[19:43] Broadcasting and narrowcasting 

[27:15] Asserting

[33:46] Attracting and bonding

[36:27] Impressing

[45:44] The dissonance and contradiction

[57:00] Pattern of expression

[1:04:37] Helpful part of the transmitting bias

[1:09:18] Outro

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