Episode 8

Published on:

20th Oct 2022

Working with the Instinctual Biases; or, A Damned Fine Beef Stew

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram Podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore discuss how to use and understand the instinctual biases. 

They bring awareness of how the instinctual biases affect behavior and some of the contradictions that go along with that. They also share strategies to work with instinctual biases.

“We have to be really careful about making any broad assumptions or ensure that any broad assumptions we’re making actually captures the whole category.” - Mario Sikora [22:41]

“I don’t think it’s even smart to try to be good at everything, because we wouldn’t be really good at anything, and society in general would not benefit from it.” - María José Munita [41:17]

“So really what I’m hearing is there may be some value in all the other ways in which people teach the Enneagram as far as ways in which to see parts of yourself and work on certain aspects of yourself, but more than likely, it’s the biggest boulder to move is to work within that pattern of expression.” - Seth "Creek" Creekmore [1:03:29]


[00:00] Intro

[01:36] Examples of level of dissonance

[07:37] The difference of being skillful and focus of attention

[10:39] How instinctual biases express themselves

[15:21] Cultural bias towards women attending at home

[18:24] How familial/cultural biases will show up

[25:36] The complexity and variables of instinctual biases

[28:50] Pushing our attention towards action

[33:16] Working outside dominant instinctual bias

[46:46] Where to begin

[51:02] Skill and competent in zone of indifference

[53:34] What does all this mean

[58:55] Industries with very clear instinctual bias

[1:00:16] How it plays into family dynamics

[1:03:29] Working within pattern of expression

[1:09:19] Outro

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