Episode 6

Published on:

6th Oct 2022

The Navigating Domain: More Than Just "Social"

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram Podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore talk about the navigating domain and how it operates. They discuss why it’s the misunderstood of the three domains. They also break down the three subdomains: trust/reciprocity, status/identity and power/influence dynamics.

“What navigators tend to do is look at the people and classify people according to different criteria.” - María José Munita [13:22]

“What it has to do with is understanding group dynamics, understanding the people in the group, so that I know where I fit and I know how to make my way through this social environment I find myself in.” - Mario Sikora [14:10]

“So when it comes to status and identity, I don’t think it’s entirely related to belonging.” - Seth "Creek" Creekmore [36:10]


[00:00] Intro

[00:22] Circles the hosts were surprised to be in

[08:24] The most misunderstood domain

[11:59] Transactional networking

[14:50] Misunderstanding about the Social One

[16:31] Trust and reciprocity

[23:59] Power and influence dynamics

[32:43] Status and identity

[44:34] External contradiction

[48:33] Paralyzed by inhibition

[49:10] Pattern of expression

[52:57] Outro

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