Episode 52

Published on:

31st Aug 2023

Fathoms Feature | Revisiting Ego and Essence (Part 1)

It’s here! Part 1 of our season finale: Revisiting Ego & Essence. To end our season, we have a deep and meaningful conversation with enneagram legends Russ Hudson and Mario Sikora on these often used, often misunderstood concepts. 

Lee Fields joins the Fathoms crew for this conversation, which always makes us better. 

[1:00] A quick recap of this season

[5:30] We talk about (and cringe a bit) our Season 1 episode on Ego & Essence

[12:30] Lindsey’s thoughts about the first episode as a listener

[14:15] Our thoughts behind ending the season with the topic of Ego & Essence

[18:50] Some tips listening to this conversation with Russ & Mario

[23:00] Our conversation with Russ & Mario begins

[25:15] What’s the conversation we need to have today about ego & essence? 

[27:45] Having beginner’s mind with ego & essence?

[28:50] Russ & Mario’s first meeting…and first impressions!

[30:45] Their common fascination with zombies

[32:50] What Russ and Mario admire about each other’s enneagram work

[35:45] Russ and Mario’s definition of “ego” and “essence”

[45:00] Examples of how they’ve changed their minds on ego and essence

[55:30] How Mario interprets Russ’ view of ego and essence

[1:00:00] Russ on “essence”

[1:08:00] Mario’s problems with the term “essence”

[1:11:45] Why are still using these words in these ways?

[1:18:45] Lindsey pushes back a bit

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our conversation with Russ & Mario next week! 

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