Episode 53

Published on:

7th Sep 2023

Fathoms Feature | Revisiting Ego and Essence (Part 2)

Here’s Part 2 of our Season Finale: Revisiting Ego & Essence. To end our season, we have a deep and meaningful conversation with enneagram legends Russ Hudson and Mario Sikora on these often used, often misunderstood concepts. 

Lee Fields joins the Fathoms crew for this conversation, which always makes us better. 

[2:00] How can we move forward with these terms despite the issues? 

[13:05] Ego & Essence as bypassing

[19:05] It’s about the process, not a destination

[24:00] Individuality, Mutuality, & Unity in relation to ego and essence

[31:35] Russ’ and Mario’s closing remarks for people using the enneagram

[35:40] The Fathoms Cohosts provide their initial reactions to the conversation

[45:05] How we’ll use the terms “ego” & “essence” moving forward

[60:00] Abram shares a story

[1:01:00] Linz hands out podcast awards to the guys

[1:05:30] Why we do this podcast

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