Episode 20

Published on:

19th Jan 2023

Typing: It Ain't as Easy as it Looks

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore talk about the difficulties and problems with assessing someone’s Enneagram type. Humans have a fundamental desire to put a label on things, but the three hosts discuss things to keep in mind when typing other people.

“I think it’s not a wrong thing to do when you’re first learning the Enneagram. Like it’s just a practice. It’s a practice of observing patterns, but you can’t stop after observing three patterns. You have to keep going.” -Creek [02:15]

“Enneagram assessments and the weight that people put on Enneagram assessments is really problematic, because assessing someone's Enneagram type in an online test is really, really tough.” -Mario [05:31]

“I would say that to me in my experience, the main mistakes are made when you don’t understand the instinctual biases.” -María José [20:57]


[00:01] Intro

[00:24] Typing our pets

[05:13] The weight of Enneagram assessments

[08:47] Rubrics and provisional hypothesis

[13:59] Keep in mind the subtypes and instinctual biases

[16:15] Open ended questions

[24:21] Hold your type lightly

[26:38] Outro

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