Episode 22

Published on:

2nd Feb 2023

Striving to Feel Peaceful (Enneagram Type Nine)

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore speak with Seth Abram, co-host of Fathoms | An Enneagram Podcast, about Enneagram Type Nine, “Striving to Feel Peaceful.” They discuss this type’s desire to feel inner harmony and how they can be self-deprecating and resistant to change. Seth shares how being a Type Nine shapes how he approaches things as well as debunks misconceptions about this type.

“He is the reason that I know about the Enneagram. I will admit that.” -Creek [01:36]

“Everybody thinks ’Oh Nines are easy going and get along with everybody, and they’re nice.’ They are until they aren’t. Most Nines when you get to spend some time with them, you will see flashes of temper. You will feel anger. You will see assertiveness that comes out, but it’s usually in response to not feeling peaceful.” -Mario [10:31]

“There’s no such thing as a Nine. There’s a person. There’s an individual who has some patterned way they express themselves, but there’s no such thing as a Nine. And I just think that when people confuse a person for this type, you don’t let me be anything else than the idea you have in your head. And that limits me, and I hate being limited.” -Seth [45:26]

“So much of what you were describing as Nine-ish is also very similar to navigating, so that might be one of the reasons why it’s hard to see the navigating, because it might be seen or perceived as Nine-ish. Some of the things, at least.” -María José [1:03:33]


[00:01] Intro

[01:28] This week’s guest, Seth Abram

[05:26] The strategy of the Nine

[09:35] Striving to Feel Peaceful

[12:13] The connecting points

[13:26] How Seth learned about the Enneagram

[17:32] Resistance to change and holding space

[20:01] Seth’s experience with ATA

[24:04] Adaptive and maladaptive ways

[31:38] Flipping of the switch and self-deprecation

[39:40] Type Nine as a leader

[42:56] Misconceptions about Type Nine

[47:50] Tips to using the strategy in a better way

[53:12] The Nine’s subtypes

[1:10:08] A level of security, feeling seen and safe

[1:12:30] Outro

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