Episode 30

Published on:

30th Mar 2023

How People Change Using the Enneagram

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore continue their conversation about the inner triangle and its lead to change. In the previous episode, they discussed how each point represents the way we write their stories, so they talk about Awareness to Action’s tools that allow us to continue to grow and evolve despite having a story that is not useful. They share their approach to rewriting your story in a way that keeps the same theme but is authentic and gets you better results in life over time.

“We don’t have to wait for some problem to come along to work on ourselves.” -Mario [04:03]

“I think there is a way in which we can reject stories that aren’t working, the distorted version of that type and that strategy.” -Creek [22:50]

You need to create a goal for change that is very, very specific and actionable.” -María José [35:55


[00:01] Intro

[00:52] Understanding change that allows for growth

[03:58] Pro-active self-development

[05:32] The conflicting commitment

[08:31] Examples of conflicting commitment

[13:37] Short-term vs. long-term thinking

[18:17] The story is never done

[23:47] What does it really mean to be perfect?

[31:15] Identifying what you’re striving for

[33:04] Active recovery

[38:30] Respecting the preferred strategy

[40:17] Outro

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