Episode 34

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27th Apr 2023

Without Action, Awareness Doesn’t Matter

In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore talk about the last step of the ATA process: action. The Enneagram helps us understand the stories in our head that prevent us from doing the things we need to do. The three hosts discuss how the ATA process can help us start applying what we need to do by creating a plan of action, focusing on practicality rather than theory and analysis.

“I think the common thing that I’ve seen in the Enneagram community, and something with Fathoms that we’ve struggled with, is how quickly things get into theoretical or fluffy language, esoteric language, and it ends up a little void of groundness.” -Creek [02:36]

“None of this is worth the time if it doesn’t lead to some more skillful way of being in the world.” -Mario [07:15]

Once we unlock that resistance to change in the authenticity step, we go into action. And what people tend to do there is to have big projects, big goals and wanting to change, ‘I want to be more focused in every aspect of my life.’ Well that doesn’t work.” -María José [12:39]


[00:01] Intro

[00:11] One uncomfortable action

[02:33] Missing the mark on practicality

[06:16] Focus on application

[08:37] What people miss

[12:39] Creating new connections in your brain

[17:04] Examples of the process

[23:46] Outro

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